Not a good educational choice

Pardon me while I vent my spleen. I’m simply sick to death of hearing “Oh, we don’t have anything against schools; we just felt that home schooling was a good thing for us, in the place where we were at, at the time…” This is nonsense, folks. There is a time and a place for … Continue reading



Not a big deal

I’m flexing my fingers as I prepare to write the most difficult explanation of my life. At least, this is the point I find it hardest to convince people of: that home education is not a big deal. Most of my readers are probably familiar with writhing under the ill-deserved acclamations of friends and neighbours: … Continue reading


Not for the amateurs

Continuing in the series for those considering their educational options, I invite you to join me in exploring the question: Is education a job for amateurs? In the Christchurch Methodist Mission’s guidelines for social workers in interviewing clients, which I had the opportunity to see a number of years ago, I noted a remarkable item which … Continue reading