My fault

Okay, it’s my own stupid fault I’m having so much trouble getting this exemption (see previous post). I just can’t make myself answer those people as if their worldview was right.

They’re starting from the premise that children won’t learn unless an adult forces them to, and that the adult won’t do that unless bribed to or coerced by the threat of superior force. There are some rather obvious things missing from this assumed scenario, e.g.

– Love

– The natural human desire to learn and grow

– The pride that parents naturally take in their children

All of these things are actually more powerful motivators than money, force and fear, as evinced by the fact that people like me will spend money and open ourselves to prosecution in our commitment to our children’s education.

If you are not familiar with it at present, please find out about the case of the Romeike family, who are trying to get asylum in the USA to escape the compulsory schooling law in Germany. Such families have been persecuted from one end of the world to the other; another German family, who tried to find refuge in several other countries, are now virtually being held prisoner in their own country, and have been forced to send their children to school under threat of being permanently separated from them.

As they say, there’s always someone worse off than yourself. Please spare a thought or a prayer for these German families who have been described as some of “the last Christians in Europe, and I’ll be back soon with another bellyache.kool 001

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