Not a good educational choice

Pardon me while I vent my spleen. I’m simply sick to death of hearing “Oh, we don’t have anything against schools; we just felt that home schooling was a good thing for us, in the place where we were at, at the time…”

This is nonsense, folks. There is a time and a place for being nice and this isn’t it. The schools are out there destroying people’s lives and one of the most urgent things we need to do is rescue our children from them. That’s just a preliminary to education; it’s not as if ‘home schooling’ is some kind of magic formula that is going to give you a perfect family – getting school out of your life is merely a preparatory step. Even if your children have never set foot in a school, you still have to get it out of your life in the sense that we are all affected by the mentality of schools and the school-based society.

Let’s take an analogy from food. Suppose you find out that you are allergic to dairy products, and that this is the cause of health issues that have been plaguing you for some time. So you immediately set about to change your diet. Now the point is not that you really like soymilk and tofu, or that you don’t like dairy foods, or that you are the sort of person who would be really super at dairy-free cooking. The first principle in what you are doing is a negative: dairy products are hurting you and you have to get away from them.

We need to have the candour to say that school is a major part of the humanistic, socialistic world system that is destroying the West and stretching its claws over the rest of the world. We need to get as far away from it as we can, in our lives and in our thinking, before we can even be free to begin contemplating what education should be. Indeed, education is itself a fairly minor issue: it’s the whole world that needs to be rescued, not just our little kids.

As ‘homeschooling’ becomes more mainstream and socially acceptable, it’s being assigned the position of third educational choice. You can choose public school, private school or home school. Same thing, different settings. If you feel that you are nicer than other people in your neighbourhood and you don’t want your children to mix with undesirables, you might choose home school; if you find your children unmanageable and you’d rather somebody else had to deal with them, you choose a different educational setting.

This is the kind of thinking we have to fight against with might and main. Home education is not a good educational choice, unless swimming is a good choice of exercise routine for someone who has just fallen into a lake of piranhas. Staying as far away as we can get from schools is practically the last hope for those who do not wish to be swallowed up by the future which George Orwell and others foresaw so clearly – the total state, the machine society, the prison planet. I don’t know if it can even succeed. I hope it can.

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