Spring cleaning tip #1

My son has worked out the perfect way to get all the stuff out from under your bed (suitable for eleven-year-old boys). Here it is:

1) Move the bed out from the wall, at least as far as the width of the bed.

2) Lie on top of the bed and shove everything back under it.

3) Push the bed back to its original position. All the stuff will now be out from under the bed.

Much better than a mother’s way of doing it, eh? And while we’re at it, what about a way of getting all the junk ideas and philosophies about education out of our heads? Now if you can tell me a way to do that, you’ll be my friend for life.

messy room


2 thoughts on “Spring cleaning tip #1

  1. Ha ha ha, that really made me laugh! It’s funny what you say about getting all the junk about education out of our heads. Home schooling makes so much sense to me but trying to explain it to others is so hard because a school education is what they know, but when you get below the surface the only reason they think a school education is better is simply because that IS all they know and they are programmed to think that that’s the best way.

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