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Birthday candles

Another child having another significant birthday. And so a time to reflect again on how all the children are doing so far.

How are they doing? As with most things, the answer is a mixture. Some having salvation in Jesus, some apparently not. Some with a clear direction and purpose in life, some not yet. Some struggling to overcome their faults, some not wanting to. All sweet, all dear, all precious.

And all getting the brilliant academic education which I see as a worthy goal? Well, not really. It would have been nice, but life turned out to be too hard. It would have had to be the only priority in our lives, and it just isn’t. Still, the show ain’t over yet. Where there’s life, there’s hope, they say.

Our eldest child has been studying for the Cambridge exams this year, and we’re now facing four weeks of driving back and forth to Christchurch so she can be tested in her knowledge of a pile of useless information. Why did we do this? Have I actually succumbed to the pressure to get my children into university to prove how successful our home schooling has been? Fie! A pox! A curse on it all. The only good thing to come out of it is that I can now  say we’ve tried humanism, and indeed, there’s nothing in it.

Okay. We’ve ruled out no education; the only way to get no education in New Zealand is to go to school, because free children educate themselves. We’ve tried humanism now, as I said. And it doesn’t look as if we’re ever going to do the whole brilliant classical education thing, because life is just too hard.

So what’s the deal? As with most things, the answer is a mixture. We’re going to keep doing the best we can for each of the children, trying to help them to find their calling in life and prepare diligently to follow it, while reading as much as possible to gain a greater understanding of God’s word and ways, of history, and of the people and ideas that have made a difference. In that way I hope these children will some day, somewhere, make a difference too. And I really, really hope they will be able to do a little better with their children. But as with most things, I guess the result will be a mixture.

birthday cake 001


2 thoughts on “Birthday candles

  1. Tani, whatever mixture you are using, and whatever the mixture your children will become, they are absolutely beautiful, praiseworthy young souls, and the mixture of all you are investing into them is working wonderously! Keep up the outstanding work, my friend! You couldn’t be doing a better job!!! xoxo

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