What’s wrong with the World Wide Web

Look at that woman blogging about what’s wrong with the Web. That’s like writing a book about what’s wrong with books! Alright, alright. But I was invited to write a post about using the Internet in education, and it got me thinking, that’s all. Nothing wrong with thinking, is there?

What I’ve been thinking is this. It seems as if everything is on the Web, absolutely everything. You could spend your whole life there. Chat with your friends, work, do your shopping, get married. I don’t know if you can get children online, but it’s probably not far away. You can pursue your interests, meet like-minded people, even follow your religion. But there’s still something missing. Consider this:

The heavens declare the glory of God,

and the firmament shows his handiwork.

Day unto day utters speech,

and night unto night reveals knowledge.

When I look into a computer screen, even if I’m looking at scenes of God’s handiwork, what I’m actually seeing is the work of man – man’s cleverness, man’s technical genius, man’s composite materials. But when there is light reflecting off actual trees and bushes into my eyes, or when my eardrums are picking up actual vibrations emanating from the throat of a bellbird, then these things are speaking to me, informing me, educating me, instructing me. When I look up and see clouds whirling across the sky, or the constellations in all their frozen splendour, then I grasp something of the meaning of this:

The voice of the LORD shakes the wilderness…

And in his temple everyone says “Glory!”

Glory! Glory! Glory! That’s what I’m missing when I stare into a box. Who will dare to call it insignificant?

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10 thoughts on “What’s wrong with the World Wide Web

  1. He he, that made me chuckle. I totally agree (she says, replying to you using the internet!) I recently left Facebook as it zapped my time (only because I let it!) when I could have been going for a nice walk or reading a book. In my opnion the internet is useful for research and getting in touch with ‘like-minded’ people all over the world…like your good self! However, nothing beats a great letter from a friend falling on your door-mat…I miss that :-(

  2. Well said. That said, I can’t get away from it. Even looking up a phone number, you know. They charge me $1.45 if I call information. The internet is already paid for. Then, I get hooked. Facebook isn’t my demon, but blogging is. I could spend the entire day blogging. I would be permanently hunched over and and totally antisocial and scary. :)

    I really do wish I had time to write a letter, but not sure who it would be to. Nah, it’s so much easier to drop an email.

    Thanks for sharing your light with us!

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