Life and Death

. . . medical ethics . . .

I hope you enjoyed my five-year-old’s Picasso-style impression of me in hospital last time. I’m still reflecting on the medical profession’s great aim and ideal of saving lives, which is under such threat today.

I think it is vital – in the very literal sense of necessary to life – that we teach our children that human life is sacred and must be preserved, not because of feelings or opinions or preferences or circumstances, but because of the unchangeable fact that we are made in the image of God. There is, in reality, no other reason to keep people alive. It’s  always going to be easier, cheaper and more convenient to knock them on the head.

We all have limited resources of time, money, energy, imagination and initiative. At least, if you have them in endless supply, please tell me your secret. But I’ll hazard a guess that you don’t – and it’s no different for the medical profession. Once resources are diverted into streamlining euthanasia, there will be less available for relieving pain and improving the quality of palliative care. They are vain and empty words that would assure us we will be just as  well looked after if we choose to live – not only because the resources are limited, but because of the very obvious organic connection: there is simply no reason to work so hard to save people, if they can conveniently be got out of the way.

It’s at times like this that we see how vital (again) it is to know the truth of God’s Word and all that flows from it. This is not a matter of mere opinion, preference, ‘religious affiliation’ or ‘personal experience’. It is a matter of life and death. We cannot allow the Truth to be marginalized or relegated to the optional extras of life and education. God’s absolute standard has to be our starting point and our foundation. Human lives depend on it.

hospital 001


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