Life and Death

Medical treatment . . .

Hello from the new me . . . a me without a gall bladder! I was rushed into Dunedin Hospital to have the offending organ removed, and am now at home recovering (from the surprise).

One thing I love about being in hospital is seeing the happy glow of doctors and nurses who have saved, or stabilized, a patient. It’s frightening to ask what will become of that if euthanasia is legalized. What does it look like when the noble and heroic ideal of saving lives is exchanged for a messy bureaucratic process of weighing up who wants what, how much each one wants it, and whose wants are most important? The picture that comes to mind is one of King Arthur’s knights bartering supermarket discount coupons.

Of course, that picture has already been painted. (I’m thinking of the film Mr. Mom.) A husband and father should be the brave knight of his family, saving and defending them from their foes. The modern world has relegated fathers to a support role, cheering from the sidelines, or ‘offering’ food to little gods to throw on the floor. It’s hardly surprising if the medical profession follows suit, retreating to a role of ‘supporting’ people into making their own decisions about whether to live or die.

It is a sign of hope amid despair to see Christian young people going into the medical field. I pray for them on the hard road ahead, that they will never lower their sights from the ideal.

More on this next time . . . 

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4 thoughts on “Medical treatment . . .

  1. Hi There! I am coming over from Unite.

    I hope you are healing well after your surgery. That’s no fun! Although holding on to an organ that is causing you trouble is no fun either :)

    We all hope to have medical help that is full of compassion, just like our Lord. To be treated as we would treat ourselves. I am so happy that you saw that. I am a nurse, and I wanted to be as helpful as I could be, I hope I touched someone liked you were touched.

    Blessings on your healing. Take it easy!

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