A bullet in the head

Last week I made a passing reference to Malala Yousafzai, the now-famous Pakistani girl who survived being shot in the head by the Taliban, supposedly for campaigning for ‘education’ for girls. I’ve listened to her speech to the UN, and she is clearly a remarkable young lady. She is so self-possessed and articulate, it’s hard to believe that she actually goes to school. It’s even more interesting to hear the reactions from Taliban supporters, who have claimed that they are not against education, only against secular humanistic Western-style education with a UN-driven agenda to destroy religion and genuine cultures and establish world government by a tiny minority.

You know, I can only wish Christians were so passionate. Not that we would go around shooting people in the head, but that we could stop being so blind to where the world is going and so apathetic towards the works of darkness. It seems that all the enemies of God have to do is attach some label to what they’re doing, like ‘education’ or ‘health care’ or ‘justice’ or ‘equality’, and all the Christians relax and say “Oh, isn’t that nice. You know, they really do want to do the right thing.”

The world is full of all sorts of people, and the UN and the media have a whole world to choose from. They’ve chosen this sweet, passionate girl to make their darling. And is she ever giving them what they want. Her rhetoric is as soaring as that of any who have gone before her. And she has unequivocally called for compulsory schooling for every child on earth, not only as a right, but as a duty. We can only hope and pray that her words will fall on (at least some) deaf ears. Because we need compulsory schooling like a bullet in the head.



4 thoughts on “A bullet in the head

  1. I agree Tani, I remember thinking the very same thing when I first heard her speech. I don’t blame her, after all there is hardly any other option than schools when no women are allowed to get education: How are the mothers to teach their girls what they have not learned themselves? Yet those who would use her to push for compulsory education have no such excuse. They are using her longing to break out of the prison of ignorance, to force millions of others into it. She sees education as a means to emancipation and empowerment, while the UN see it as a means to indoctrination, and world dominance. I Love you and the way your have with words. Esther

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