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The Breakfast Elections

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When people ask what is the most enjoyable project we have ever done at home, I have to say the Breakfast Elections every time. It all started when the then 11-year-old wanted to understand the real elections and the voting system, which is no small task.

So we decided to have an election every morning, in which the Porridge Party, the Pancake Party and the Muesli-Weetbix Coalition Party would contend for our votes and the right to form a government and implement their breakfast policy.

What a time we had. We ran campaigns, put up posters, made speeches and interviewed each other for radio and television. Of course, the whole system was really completely corrupt, because the party leaders had clandestine meetings to decide what we should  actually have for breakfast, and we only campaigned for one party a day. But when we put our votes into the ballot box, the outcome was still unknown.

Eventually, we decided that we were ready to go the whole way and establish electorates. They were, if I remember correctly, the Blue Bedroom and the Pink Bedroom, and we had to recruit a lot of soft toys to complete our party lists. We even set up a parliament in the dining room and sat in it when we had formed a government, although there was not much business once the Prime Minister had appointed a Minister of Milk and a Minister of Brown Sugar.

The most interesting thing was that we discovered a difficulty in proportional representation which we didn’t know how to resolve, but when the real election took place, we learned that it happens in real life and is called Overhang. We felt we had come to a pretty good understanding of the whole system by the end of it. But alas, we were no closer at all to answering the question of how majority rule can ever be fair.

In case you’re wondering, yes, we did it all again at the next election. And we’ll probably repeat it at the election to come. I have a suspicion I’ll probably run out of children before I get tired of it.

porridge2 001


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6 thoughts on “The Breakfast Elections

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  2. What a great idea, as we will be studying American History this year. Having an undetermined election sounds like fun! Did you use any resources like worksheets, vocabulary list, etc..?

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